ECRRED Projects

New Abilities and Skills in Europe - NASE

NASE concerns the training of 21 educators and trainers on the topic of digital education. The topic of the project , in Europe, individual countries have come to terms with local socio-economic conditions, with the ability to make infrastructure investments in the country 


Racism is emerged on several grounds, including race, colour, ethnic or social origin and membership of a national minority preventing the improvement of the level of key competences of youth but mainly the opportunity to be in integrated in the society improving their self-confidence in the future life.

The Devil's Advocate

The project “The Devil’s Advocate” is organized by the European Center for Research and Regional Development with the purpose of bringing together 30 young people from Latvia, Slovenia, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, to provide in-depth consideration of critical thinking, the attainment of objectivity, effective communication and public speaking techniques, understanding of oneself and the psychological cause of others thinking.


The project shifts the responsibility to citizens to address this very essential issue of Circular Economy. A huge obstacle to creating a more multidimensional model for achieving circular economy seems to be that the concepts of the idea of a CE are very much based on people’s cultural backgrounds in different countries and environments.

Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth

The project “Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth” is in line with the European Union’s efforts to achieve a climate-neutral continent by 2050. Our project will focus on the social, youth and economic dimensions of the ecological transformation set by the European Green Deal.


One of the challenges today’s Europe faces is Euroscepticism which is reinforced with the significant political disengagement of young people when we are talking about traditional political forms.Young people prefer to engage themselves to short term political activities, like specific initiatives, petitions,short-term activities that do not demand full engagement.