Who are we?

Our Mission

The European Center for Research and Regional Development is dedicated to preserving, studying, and advancing the common interests of its members in the context of public service. With a primary goal of fostering innovative research and promoting regional development, the center has outlined specific objectives. These include the promotion of innovation and education at all levels, identification and promotion of best practices, development of research, expertise, and innovation, representation of members in public and private bodies, and participation in EU programs and research projects. Additionally, the center aims to update and inform its members on national and international developments, collaborate with social economy bodies for joint projects, implement community service projects, and promote regional development, environmental protection, cultural heritage, tourism, and the combat against unemployment and social exclusion. The overarching mission encompasses a wide range of initiatives contributing to the enhancement of environmental protection and renewable energy resources in Latvia and Europe, as well as the diffusion of innovation in the European area.

Our People

Stylianos – Sotirios Vasileiou has graduated from the Department of International and European studies – University of Macedonia, Greece. A Master in European Policies on Youth, Entrepreneurship, Education and Culture is in progress He participated in many national and EU projects. He has experience as a trainer in non-formal education methods, while he has great experience in project management. He speaks English fluently.


Aiga Kalbjonoka graduated from the Department of Business Administration from the University of Riga, Latvia. She has experience as an EU Project manager and as a trainer. She speaks English fluently.

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