The Devil's Advocate

KA105 “The Devil's Advocate” – Youth Exchange

Start Date: 01/01/2020         End Date: 31/12/2021

The project “The Devil’s Advocate” is organized by the European Center for Research and Regional Development with the purpose of bringing together 30 young people from Latvia, Slovenia, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, to provide in-depth consideration of critical thinking, the attainment of objectivity, effective communication and public speaking techniques, understanding of oneself and the psychological cause of others thinking. The project will provide young people with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to develop competencies, both in psychological and in business terms. Participants will be able to experience the TEATER simulation game on the basis of the acquired basic foundations, which they will be able to distribute and adapt in their local environments to other young people. Participants will present final TEATER simulation game “The Devil’s Advocate” in center of forward-thinkers and knowledge – in special castle of Light, Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka, where participants will play mentioned game. Therefore, their presenting in special Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka, will be as a symbol and core of our project, as our goal is to raise awareness of critical thinking. At the same time, an artistically crafted BOOKLET “My Mindset” will be created at the end of the project, with visible life changes for each participant, with unique views and developments before and after the project. Therefore, the project itself allows for the  development and management of the project’s implementation in practice, thus promoting youth activism in its local communities. The project focuses especially on ways to increase critical thinking and non-formal education methods to build competencies ranging from communication, objectivity, understanding of diversity, etc. Participation in the project will help participants build confidence and further support to disseminate results and experiences. In this regard, the program of the project will first focus on definitions, information and awareness of general concepts and tendencies. In the next phase, activities will focus on the development of individual competencies and initiatives and the identification of mechanisms for achieving critical thinking. As a further step, the activities will focus on the development of individual competencies for effective communication and public speaking. All this creates the framework of the competencies and knowledge needed to integrate, prepare and run the TEATER simulation game “The Devil’s Advocate”, which is a great method to integrate so many required competencies.