Sport “iSER - Integrated Sport Educational Plan to tackle Racism of Youth” – SSCP

Start Date: 01/01/2021 End Date: 31/12/2022
Racism is emerged on several grounds, including race, colour, ethnic or social origin and membership of a national minority preventing the improvement of the level of key competences of youth but mainly the opportunity to be in integrated in the society improving their self-confidence in the future life.“Integrated Sport Educational Plan to tackle Racism of Youth” is an 18-month project to be implemented by 5 youth and sport NGOs. European Center for Research and Regional Development of Latvia along with Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires of Belgium, Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto of Slovenia, Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute of Greece and Association Sports for All Vojvodina of Serbia deeply concern about growing numbers of European citizens, especially young, who become more and more racism victims while at the same time the inactive crisis is developed. The overall aim is the European Youth and Sport managing authorities and youth workers to acquire all necessary tools having sport as epicenter to face the growing problem of racism in youth.iSER proposes an innovative, integrated approach to key competence building in youth environment which is based on a sport-centered design; by involving all stakeholders, above all those who work close to youth, the project ensures healthy, safe and happy environments in which mainly marginalized youth can be developed as whole persons.Trainings, Study Visits, Engagement Meetings in five countries and an educational platform will be the vehicle to reach best practices, which will be recorded in an e-Book, available online. This will allow various organizations to involve educated youth workers in their activities, thus assuring both the participation of quality youth workers and the sustainability of the project results.Project outputs will be extensively disseminated to ensure the widespread engagement with and in that way the uptake of the new resources is achieved.