KA204 “iCirclEU: Cross Border Circular Economy towards Sustainable Development in the EU” – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

Start Date: 15/12/2020 End Date: 14/12/2022
The project shifts the responsibility to citizens to address this very essential issue of Circular Economy. A huge obstacle to creating a more multidimensional model for achieving circular economy seems to be that the concepts of the idea of a CE are very much based on people’s cultural backgrounds in different countries and environments. However, goods and waste cross borders and, therefore, nations are unable to survive without dependency on other nations. To understand the principles of a circular economy and hence the achievement of the 12th SDG an international dialogue with input from people from different settings has to be launched with Luxembourg as a leader of a consortium consisted of Italy, Latvia, France, and Cyprus. This means collaborations are required for the purpose of discussing these issues which correspond to the 12th SGD. Our project will be an attempt to contribute to the cross-border  circular economy by raising awareness on the obstacles relevant stakeholders face, and exchange good practices through seminars/workshop organized by the partners in their respective countries, in which representatives of the partner organisations will be invited to be trained on how to approach the problem in order to accelerate international solutions that deserve to be called measures to accomplish a real circular economy.