Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth

Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth - G3S

Start Date: 01/11/2021      End Date: 30/04/2024
The project “Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth” is in line with the European Union’s efforts to achieve a climate-neutral continent by 2050. Our project will focus on the social, youth and economic dimensions of the ecological transformation set by the European Green Deal. Together with our partners, we have identified, in the planning phase of the project, the two most important specific areas within the scope of the horizontal priority “environment and the fight against climate change”, which will form the axis of our project:

– Green Three Seas for Youth – Youth for Green Three Seas
– Green Labour Market – green skills for youth

The organizations involved in our project represent industrial regions that are most exposed to the potential effects of the unfairly carried out ecological transformation. Youth from these regions should be given a say in the direction of this transformation. Young people realize that this is the moment when they have the opportunity to create a place for their lives and work in the future. That is why we decided to establish a cooperative partnership that will bring together 10 youth work organizations based in the industrial centers of the Three Seas Initiative countries. The “Green Three Seas for Youth” project responds to the needs of youth, the needs of our organizations, local, national and international needs that we identified during the planning stage.

The youth voice is still not strong enough in the public debate. Our project is a way to strengthen it. On the basis of youth recommendations, we will develop a “Green Three Seas for Youth” Strategy, which will be presented to decision-makers. The strategy will contribute to youth activization. We got in touch with the Youth Councils operating in the countries of our organizations, their members say clearly – the lack of expert strategic documents and analysis that are based on youth recommendations is one of the biggest obstacles to effective action and lobbying for youth demands.

Our project also addresses the needs of youth to increase their employability. The first chapter of our Strategy will be the chapter “Green Labour Market”. – this is an area of particular importance for young people who will have to find their way in the reality undergoing transformation. Within the framework of our project we meet the needs of young people who want to develop competencies that will allow them to find their place in the labour market of the future. We will create a workshop scenario that will help young people find their way in the green job market, develop their green competencies and prepare them to live and work in the societies of the future.


Activities of international partners will take place in two areas. In the first place, it is a workshop work with the use of non-formal education methods conducted with the use of modern digital means of distance communication. This method will be used to carry out activities aimed at developing the results of the project. At the same time, 10 stationary international meetings will be held, which will aim to get to know each other better, evaluate the activities on a current basis, manage the project and set project goals for the next stages As part of the project, we also plan to carry out a blended mobility activity, which aims to test workshops in the field of green competences and green jobs prepared earlier by young people. 20 participants from groups at risk of social exclusion will take part in the exchange. At the end of the project, we are planning a wide-ranging online social campaign and a series of 10 national dissemination meetings with decision-makers.